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Company history and profile

Gatai Consulting and Trading GmbH was founded in 2018 in Berlin as a company with a strong focus on international markets. Gatai aims to contribute to sustainable development and innovation challenges especially in Europe, Middle East, Asia and in other areas. Gatai offers support for skilled and highly skilled professionals seeking employment in Germany and other European countries. If you are looking for job opportunities in Europe please get in touch with us.

The company founders and their experience

Ghassan Abbara

Electrical Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. Technical University of Berlin) with large experience in trading of electrical equipment, machines and devices to the Middle East. He is also the owner of the company “Orient Electrical Equipment” in Abu Dhabi.

Talal Akili, PhD

is an architect and urban planner (Dipl.-Ing. Technical University of Berlin). He holds a chair in architecture at the Damascus University and has buildt convention halls, office buildings and private houses. He was the head of a multi-year project for the rehabilitation of the old City Centre of Damascus and has also worked in urban rehabilitation and renewal projects in Lebanon and other countries. He is the owner of the company Arcod “Architectural Research Centre of Old Damascus” in Damascus. Among his publications based on his research in Damascus is the book “The Great Mosquee of Damascus – From Romam Temple to Islamic Monument” (Published in Engl., French and German).

Julian Martin

Industrial Engineer (BSc., Technical University of Berlin) and working Fullstack Software Engineer. Experience in Web-Development, Web-Design, Distributed-IT-Systems and Back-End-Development. Several years of work experience in Cross Functional Teams, Agile development & Scrum.

Ingo Meyer, PhD

is a Social Scientist (Dipl.-Pol. Free University Berlin) and an Educational Scientist (PhD Technische Universität Berlin) with specialization in international education and training programs. He worked as a consultant and management trainer for industry and Development Organizations in Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Also he was involved in the development of the Alumni Program of Technische Universität Berlin and conducted international trainings in cooperation with partners at universities and in industry. He was assigned with the evaluation of training and higher education programs and consulting in Human Resources Development and in Scientific Co-operation and Technology Transfer.

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